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A native Texan with a robust palate and a knack for hearing people say “that was the best thing I’ve ever eaten” Growing up was a wild influence of culinary passages. Since birth, he's been surrounded by people that love to cook. Part of it was from his dads side. The Cajuns. In South Louisiana, being able to cook is almost bred into the children there. Naturally, he acquired his dads love for cooking. Alternatively, his mother’s side comes from a biscuits and gravy, home-grown, southern influenced style of cooking. She is truly his biggest culinary motivator.”

The culinary world has provided numerous prestigious opportunities for this young and driven chef. From cooking for celebrities, running major catering events, all the way to being the lead of multiple high-volume kitchen and food truck operations. A three year hiatus from professionally cooking landed him in a tech sales, office bound job. For someone with the mind of a chef, you could see how this was short lived. He had to get back into the kitchen. Outside of the time spent cooking for the food truck, Chef Zack can be found fishing any Texas waterways, waterfowl hunting in the winter and you guessed it... cooking for just about anyone else. 




Founder, LeJon Alden-Brown is an Austin, Texas native and graduate from the University of Texas with a mechanical engineering degree. With a career in contract manufacturing for over 20 years, LeJon was able to travel to over 40 countries enjoying some of our worlds finest cuisine. One of his favorite aspects about traveling was the different cultures and food presented all over the world. This sparked LeJon’s passion for food and love for cooking. LeJon has experience in opening multiple businesses throughout the years and is excited for this new food truck venture to show his passion for cooking and share his upscale gourmet recipes with the City of Austin.

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